Friday, June 14, 2013

Are We Really Going To Oklahoma?

David and I are on our first vacation in our adult life EVER!!  True story!  Shawn asked us at dinner tonight if we are really going to Oklahoma.  Now I know that his Momma has taken him on some great trips, but you would think that we are taking him on his dream vacation.  We have rented a cabin at Broken Bow, which I hear is beautiful.  Shawn's cousin Blake is going with us and as long as we can keep them fed we should have a very blessed time.  

The thing that strikes me is that maybe it's not the location at all.  Maybe Shawn is most excited about the time with family.  He just loves cuddle time and I'm certain that he is the sweetest boy on earth.  I'm sorry for all the rest of you that have boys that are of an average sweetness because God has blessed us with an extra sweet boy.  I'm sure that he'll turn 12, 13, or 14 and know it all and all his parents will be so lame.  I'm actually very good with being lame - because it's the right thing to do.  Raising him to be a Godly man is the most important thing.  It's more important to raise him to be a God fearing man than it is to be popular, or cool, or his friend.  We weren't appointed to be his friends; were we?

So, while we are on vacation we will still be mindful of raising him up in the way he should go and praying that in the end he would not depart from it.  Blake too!  Get ready boys!  We will have so much fun, but we will also be pleasing to God thru all we do.

Prayer for a blessed week for you all!

God bless you all!
Yolanda, The McLean Queen

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