Saturday, June 15, 2013

Because Mom's Don't Really Like Bugs

Shawn declared this Mom and Son day because we are about to head to the woods where him, his Daddy, and Blake would be doing a lot of exploring.  I said that I like to explore too and he said that "Mom's don't really like bugs" and there would be a lot of bugs there.  So he gave his apologies to me about my extreme, no bug liking lameness and clung to me like an extra appendage all day.

Shawn and I went to WalMart to buy way too much stuff and he became distracted by the games in the electronic section - I told him that I would be in the camera section.  When I came out of the camera section he was standing there in the center aisle and came running to me with a distressed look on his face.  He told me how he was lost and he thought that I had left him at WalMart.  I was three rows over the entire time.  This happened at the beginning of our trip.  So, every time that I would go down an aisle and leave him at the cart he would relive the horror that was the time he was lost for three minutes while I was three aisles over but he would leave out the fact that he wasn't really lost.

There was a point when he became too weak to push the shopping cart any longer; no doubt because of the extreme lostness he had endured.  So, I pushed the cart and carried the 25 pound bag of dog food on my shoulder because of all the forgetting to remember dog food when we first started shopping  Oh, and dragged a kid at my waist that was saying "Momma don't leave me what if I get lost again" over and over.  A few people glared at me.  They were probably feeling sorry for that poor boy and it never even occurred to any of them to offer help with the 25 pound bag of dog food because this is what I deserve for losing my child.

I would like to thank Jen Hatmaker for allowing women everywhere to give honest answers.  When we went to pick Blake up he was playing a game on the computer.  He kept saying that he wanted to show me something and I said I can't look right now.  He asked why and I said "because I don't want to".  Guess what!!  He didn't keep asking me and I didn't have to keep watching the jumps or whatever it is that never goes like they want the first time so they have to show you infinity more times.

Tonight we are letting the boys stay up too late and I even allowed a drink in the living room.  That's me - a son losing, honest answer giving, allowing drinks in the living room, no bug liking Mom.

God bless you all!

Yolanda, The McLean Queen

Friday, June 14, 2013

Are We Really Going To Oklahoma?

David and I are on our first vacation in our adult life EVER!!  True story!  Shawn asked us at dinner tonight if we are really going to Oklahoma.  Now I know that his Momma has taken him on some great trips, but you would think that we are taking him on his dream vacation.  We have rented a cabin at Broken Bow, which I hear is beautiful.  Shawn's cousin Blake is going with us and as long as we can keep them fed we should have a very blessed time.  

The thing that strikes me is that maybe it's not the location at all.  Maybe Shawn is most excited about the time with family.  He just loves cuddle time and I'm certain that he is the sweetest boy on earth.  I'm sorry for all the rest of you that have boys that are of an average sweetness because God has blessed us with an extra sweet boy.  I'm sure that he'll turn 12, 13, or 14 and know it all and all his parents will be so lame.  I'm actually very good with being lame - because it's the right thing to do.  Raising him to be a Godly man is the most important thing.  It's more important to raise him to be a God fearing man than it is to be popular, or cool, or his friend.  We weren't appointed to be his friends; were we?

So, while we are on vacation we will still be mindful of raising him up in the way he should go and praying that in the end he would not depart from it.  Blake too!  Get ready boys!  We will have so much fun, but we will also be pleasing to God thru all we do.

Prayer for a blessed week for you all!

God bless you all!
Yolanda, The McLean Queen

Friday, June 7, 2013

I Just Turned 13!

I was born on May 1, 2000.  I'm sure some of you are thinking that I'm taking this faking my age thing a little too far.  I gave my life to Jesus Christ on May 1, 2000.  The old me is dead and I was given a new life thru Jesus Christ.  I'm still going to celebrate the day of my physical birth (August 28, I'm just saying).  I think the date of my spiritual birth is the one that really matters.

Let me tell you how I was introduced to Jesus.  It all started in 1999 when I went to work for a company called Charles Humphrey & Associates.  This company created and framed scripture pictures.  There were drawn images with scripture on them and there were beautifully hand-lettered calligraphy pictures.  The owner, Charles Humphrey, would hold a devotion and prayer time every Monday morning.  From time to time Mr. Humphrey would call employees into his office and discuss their faith with them.  Well, I worked in the office so I was called in to talk with him often.  He would invite me to church all the time and he would give me scriptures to reassure me.  Finally on Easter Sunday 2000 I decided to visit his church.  It's not lovely, but my thought was that if I go maybe it would "shut him up".  Not a lovely thought, but it is exactly how I felt.  So I went, and there was something that made me want to go back again the next week.  So, I went on my own.  I kept going and it was just a few weeks later that I answered the call to give my life to Jesus.

I believe that according to Romans 8:28 God led me to work for Mr. Humphrey.  What I have recently realized is that God put a passion on Charles Humphrey's heart to make disciples.  I finally get it!!  I get it because God has put the same passion in my heart.  I feel a sense of urgency to lead others to Jesus.  I can see what Mr. Humphrey was doing and I am so thankful for the passion God put on his heart to make disciples.  Our church is focused on making disciples and I'm seeing the same passion grow all around me. 

So, I wonder.  Do you want to go to church with me?  Could you step into my office for a few minutes?  You want to take a walk?  So, how are you today?  No I mean really, how are you today?  Hey man, you hungry?  Hi, I'm your neighbor and I'm starting a home group - you wanna come?  Would you mind if I prayed with you right now?

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations,  
baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 
Matthew 28:19

Have a blessed weekend!
Yolanda, The McLean Queen