Sunday, April 14, 2013

Linda Made Me Do It! God told her to!!

Hello blog, nice to see you.  It's been a long time!  You all are just as lovely as you used to be.

Well, it's been a while.  I kept thinking that I would write right after this, and then right after that, and well I didn't want to tell any stories halfway.  Then I feared I would be boastful and I didn't want to come across as bragging or give glory to myself when it all belongs to Jesus.  So, let's just say that David and I have been blessed and we see God's hand in it all the way.  What I want more than anything is to take what God has given us and bring Him glory and honor with it.  

Last weekend we were blessed to have our Pastor and his wife in our home for dinner.  We shared some really great food, but the best part was the fellowship.  Before they left our Pastor prayed a blessing over our home (that may have been my favorite part).  When David and I were cleaning up I asked him if he felt the love that was in our home.  His allergies acted up a little bit when he answered me that yes he could feel it.  So, there are many stories about how God gave us this home but I pray that there are more stories of lives led to Christ in our home. 

A couple of days ago my very dear friend, Linda, told me that God woke her up at 5:00am directing her to ask me about my blog.  It had been on my mind, but I haven't had clear direction what to write about.  Linda and I are serious prayer partners and I believe that God gave her a message for me because she prays so earnestly for me.  It took me a couple of days, but I figured that I'd like to sleep tonight so I better just write something.  Plus what if God wakes Linda up again at 5:00am or earlier?  I'm liable to hear about it! 

I think one of the reasons that I've not written is that it's very emotional.  In order to fully embrace where I am now, I must go back to where I've been.  I must be willing to acknowledge the brokenness that existed in order to see the healing that has occurred.  I must remember the names that I was called or feel the fear all over again in order to embrace the freedom.  I'm not saying that I am forever bound by the past but I do acknowledge it.  It's part of the testimony that God has given me.  Now I don't mean that the emotion is bad because the emotion is love, freedom, and redemption.  The emotion is big because the healing is big.   

Thank you, Linda, for holding me accountable and for being obedient.  Maybe the other reader of my blog thanks you too.  

Have a blessed week and I'll be back sooner than last time.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, 
to those who are the called according to His purpose. 
                                                            Romans 8:28 

In Christ,
The McLean Queen

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