Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday which means that tomorrow is Friday, and I am very thankful for that.  There is so much to be thankful for, and this list is just a summary of things that I'm grateful for.

1.  David letting me know that he loves me "way way way more" than when he married me.  Ephesians 5:25
2.  A new silverware holder for the dishwasher.  Proverbs 31:27
3.  That special email he sent me.  Ephesians 5:2
4.  A text from a friend requesting prayer.  Galatians 6:2
5.  New pillows.  Philippians 4:19
6.  I mention if I get that chair I might recover it and David says, "yeah, it's kinda ugly".  Ephesians 4:15
7.  Fall weather.  Genesis 1:14
8.  A busy schedule.  Ecclesiastes 4:9
9.  The book of Philippians (all of it).
10.  Hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

Best of all, we have Shawn this weekend!

Be blessed!
Yolanda, the McLean Queen

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