Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sometimes I Smell Like Gingerbread

Yesterday when I showed David my first blog post the first thing he did was ask what the title Too Blessed Not To meant.  I told him to just read it!  Then he read two lines and DD wanted some attention, then he read a few more lines and another distraction.  I finally asked him what do you think, he said well I haven't finished it yet.  So, I told him that he needed to read it and follow it.  We decided that blogging was already going to my head.

Yesterday I rode a bike for 17.6 miles!  It was in spin class, and I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed spin class.  The teacher was very energetic and encouraged us to cheer our neighbors on.  Sometimes I don't know how to act right in public, and I was all about cheering my neighbors on.  I knew Cindy, who was on my left, and she was into the encouragement.  The woman on my right didn't appreciate the encouragement near as much.  Eventually she put on invisible blinders and would no longer acknowledge my cheering.  It was a great class and I'll attend again, although the bike to my right may remain empty if word gets out.

Cristy and Linda came over and we visited while the boys swam.  We solved all kinds of problems.  We talked about the next Biggest Loser, and we talked about how badly we need it to start.  We talked about our new focus scripture, Romans 12:1,2.  It was a sweet time together.

David, Shawn, and I spent the rest of the day watching movies.  We all got comfortable and laid around on each other.  We watched three movies.  At the end of each movie Shawn would jump up and say what's our next movie.  He said that he loves Family Movie Night.  Toward the end of the night Shawn laid on me and hugged me tight.  He said, "you smell like flowers".  I told him that I was glad because Mom tries not to stink.  He said, "sometimes you smell like gingerbread".  Now I don't know if I've ever really smelled like gingerbread, but he knows that I love gingerbread and he is a smart boy.

I'm going to finish my coffee that was delivered to me in bed and go spend some time with our church family giving thanks to our most Gracious Savior.

Ya'll have a blessed day.

Yolanda, the McLean Queen