Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Kinda Cried a Little

Sunday was pretty awesome.  We had an awesome church service and lunch afterwards with great friends.  We talked about silly stuff and serious stuff.  David and I soaked up as much of Shawn as we could before we took him home.  He gave us big hugs and said he wanted the hugs to be big enough to last until we saw him again.  We no sooner dropped him off at home that we missed him. 

David and I started Monday morning with breakfast and a phone call to tell Shawn to have an awesome first day of school.  Shawn said, "Mom, I really missed you last night and I kinda cried a little".  We told him that we missed him too and of course I was kinda crying a little.  He asked us how our hugs were lasting and it was the sweetest phone call.  When he got home from school he called and reported that he had a great day.  He made a friend but he doesn't remember the friends name.  He does know that the friend has a lot of Lego's, but he's pretty sure that he has more than him.

Monday morning when I was getting dressed I noticed that David had hung a necklace holder for me.  I don't know when he did it and I was totally surprised.  He even hung all the necklaces up for me.  I kinda cried a little.

Today is my birthday.  Our Pastor always asks us what we've learned in ____ years of life?  I've become conditioned to think of this question weeks before my birthday.  This year what has come to me is that God is truly a God that heals, restores, and redeems.  I can look back over the years of brokenness and see the purpose for it.  I can look at the struggles and see Him with me.  I can look back at the joy I had and know that it came thru Christ, because there was no way that I could have been joyful on my own.  My life has been restored and I praise God for this most wonderful gift.  I am thankful for my life, especially for my eternal life.

And we know that all things work together for good 
to those who love God, 
to those who are the called according to His purpose.   
                                                                                                                  Romans 8:28

More on my birthday later.  I'm sure there will be some fun stories to share. 

Have a blessed day!

Yolanda, the McLean Queen

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  1. I think I cried a little reading this!!!! Lol
    Happy Birthday Yolanda I am so thankful
    You were born!!!!